Welcome to Nano Functional Materials Lab

Nano Functional Materials (NFM) Laboratory started functioning at the Department of Physics, CUSAT during the Fall of 2010. Dr. M Junaid Bushiri heads the NFM laboratory and there are 9 active researchers working in this group. The main objective of the NFM research group is to study and develop nanostructured functional materials that can be used for Photocatalytic water purification, Nanophosphors, Bio-photonics, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Transparent conductive oxides, etc. Studies on biological crystalline materials (Kidney stones) are additionally studied with a particular to know its structure and chemical composition.

Group Head

Dr. M. Junaid Bushiri

Nanofunctional Materials Lab & Professor and Head of the Department CUSAT.

Research Scholars

Satheesh M

Research areaMetal oxide nanoparticle

Krishna Sagar C K

Research areaFunctional nanocomposites for photocatalytic and photoluminescence applications

Beena Mol

Research areaSynthesis of nanoparticles and applications

Abdul Rasheed Paloly

Research areaTransparent conducting oxide thin films and nanostructures

Johncy Thomas

Research areaTwo dimensional nanomaterials

Divya. N. G

Research areaSemiconducting nanomaterials

Shajira P.S

Research areaFunctional Nanomaterials

Bini B Nair

Research areaFunctional nanomaterials – light emitting and photo catalytic application

Ganesh Chandra Prabhu V

Research areaMagnetic Nanomaterials